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Images on Postcards
You can use as many images as you like, you can change them at any time and you need not to inform us about it. As long as images are stored in the directory (folder) you specified when registering (Images Directory in profile editor, system will show them okay.
Can I use images only in GIF or JPEG format or mix of those?
Yes, you can. You can use ANY format of images both on your page and for cards preview (referred in the lines like: <INPUT TYPE="radio" VALUE="" NAME="filename">).
Music on postcards
You can use music in both MIDI and WAV formats. Other custom formats are supported only in PRO service.
Can I have more than 1 page? How to?
Yes, you can. Since August 2001 FREE service allows to have unlimited number of card composition pages.

Simply create more card composition pages with the same code as the first one.
You will have to change picture names on other pages and that's all.

You can remove pickup form from 2nd page and all others as well.
There are no restrictions on naming your card composition pages.
Can I have a separate pickup page?
Yes, you can. Cut the appropriate portion pf HTML code from the generated template and put it to a separate page.
Can I add java applets and poems to my postcards?
No, you can't. This feature is available only in Pro service.
Can I edit layout of card pages?
No, you can't. PRO users can use more custom features to edit layout of card pages. With PLATINUM software you can make any layout for your cardshop.
What are the most common problems with setting up cardshop?
Most mistakes or difficulties are caused by misspeling! People often misspell their form code, page names, links, etc. If you are not sure about what are you doing - don't think, use cut and paste! And, of course, visit other postcard sites and take a note of other people's code - it will help you a lot! Don't borrow other people's code without asking first! Someone will definetely do the same with you!
Why I can't see my images on cards?
(most frequently asked question ever)

Most often this happens because you either made mistake when registering URL of your images directory OR you added directory info to the form fields - for example:
<INPUT TYPE=radio VALUE=./yourimgdir/image3.jpg NAME=filename>.

It is NOT necessary, as long as you specified this directory as primary source of your pictures storage - you don't need to add it to the image name.

Another easy workaround for mistakes like this is to provide FULL URL of your images - for example

<INPUT TYPE=radio VALUE= NAME=filename>

You will always see this mistake if you DID NOT put the names of your images into the generated HTML template.

For those who wonders how much is "frequently" - 3-4 questions a week, others manage to figure it easily.
Why I see some small pictures with "X" instead of my images in cards?
We bet you have a site on Xoom or Tripod. Their policy prohibits external linking of images and you can't use images stored on Xoom servers for postcards. However we have many members with HTML pages on Xoom and Tripod and images stored somewhere else. Warning! This policy is adopted by more free homepage providers. Check the terms and conditions of yours carefully! Unfortunately we cannot do ANYTHING about this.

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