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How do I add my site to Network Directory?
We add sites of all (well, almost, see the next question) our members who submit descriptions for their sites. Free and PRO service users can use contact forms in account manager, Gold and Platinum customers - simply write to the staff (we will send you the address for new submit form).

If you are not our customer we will NOT add your site regardless how great it is. Sorry - members only!
I am a member and I submitted a site, but you won't add it!
1. We won't add to our directory a site with no content ("personal postcards sample template" in TITLE tag + images downloaded from account manager = no content).

2. We won't add a site with miscellaneous clipart "borrowed" from popular software distributions (apart from copyright violation it's just boring to see same images everywhere).

3. We won't add a site "under construction". Our network directory is intended to help Internet users to find special greeting cards they need - not to trick them into browsing web pages that suck.

4. We won't add a site with questionable content and/or language. This directory is for general family use.

5. Sites with poorly written or misleading description will not be added.

6. We reserve the right to remove any site from directory at any time.
Can I have a logo attached to my listing in directory?
If you are using free service - no. This listing enhancement is available only for commercial users. The ONLY exception we can make - to add a logo to your listing only if your site is appearing in Top40. We will contact you about it ourselves then.
I searched and found a site I liked but can't connect to it. Should I give up?
No, you shouldn't. Some of sites listed in our directory are located outside our servers. There may be temporary problems with their server access. Try again later.

Sometimes (though rarely) it happens that site ceases to exist completely. If we fail to contact webmaster we remove the site from directory.
How Top40 listing is compiled?
It's traffic rank updated daily. 40 network sites with highest postcard traffic are listed in descending order. Nowadays your site should have at least 500 daily visitors to have chances to appear in this listing. It is popularity index and you can judge about visitors choices.
How often New10 sites listing is updated?
Daily. Sometimes the whole list refreshes several times within a day.
Are there any restrictions for directory listing content?
Yes, there are.

1. It should provide accurate description for your postcards and not for the the whole site in general. Remember: this is a specialized directory of postcard services and nothing else.

2. It should be in English at least partially, even if your targeted audience is not English-speaking. Add "Chinese postcard service" for example.

3. No caps, no special characters in titles.
Why is my site is not featured? Why are my updates not added instantly ? Why... ?
The network directory content is monitored by staff members who decide which entries comply with the posted guidelines, which entries would promote the entire posty community the most, what to edit and when to post updates.

These decisions are entirely at the sole discretion of the staff members who take care of the directory.

We will not engage in any disputes or discussions over which sites should be featured. The decisions of the staff members who take care of the directory are final.

We do not guarantee any listing to be added or any site to be featured.

At this time we do not provide sponsored placements in the directory, however the recommended link to MyPostcards at the bottom of your page definitely identifies your page as one to be considered.
I know my traffic is bigger than site XYZ has, why mine is not in top40?
The stats about the number of postys sent are NOT submitted by the sites themselves, but independently retrieved and analyzed by robots.

PRO and Free sites are entered automatically.

Platinum sites are added upon request, a return link to is MANDATORY (either from your cardshop entrance page or from your card composition pages, other pages are NOT good). You can be creative with the wording (as long as it is nice).

If your site has fallen off the TOP and you think you should be on it, check the links on your pages and send an e-mail to and ask to check the robots database.

Sites that are not the members of network will not be added to TOP ranks under no circumstances.
I had submitted my site as updated, why wasn't it added?
The NEW10 are for for announcing NEW sites. IF, and only IF there are slots left after all new announcements are taken care of, THEN empty slots may be filled with "Updated" notices.

For Updated notices priority is given to the site that has had the longest interval since an update notice.

Our editors visit each site, and we do NOT add sites unless there has been a significant change or addition to the site. ie: new collection, new category etc ..

We do NOT add sites that have just added a new card, or a new page to a previously updated and submitted collection.