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Which web servers software and hardware is recommended for Platinum?
Our Platinum software will run on any modern web server with full CGI support (both methods GET and POST) and mail transfer agent program installed. So far Platinum runs on all possible versions of Apache and also on Netscape Enterprise (versions 3+).

It will work on any UNIX box with standard set of GCC libraries installed. So far Platinum runs on various versions of Solaris, BSD, IRIX, AIX, Linux. We recommend Solaris or BSD for optimal performance.

Minimum RAM size is 64 MB (well, Platinum itself was successfully tested even on 16 MB, but you can't seriously run a webserver with less than 64 MB RAM). The main script itself is about 40-150 KB in size (depending on OS) and takes about 750 KB of RAM on a single pid (yes, THAT small!)

Typical card storage file is about 500 bytes. You can calculate how much disk space you need for storage according to planned traffic.
Why installation is mandatory?
In short - to spare your nerves and our time. Seriously - this is the ONLY way we can guarantee the 100% working condition of our software.

Unlike personal computers you can rarely find 2 identical internet servers even with same OS and hardware. Server software is installed and configured very differently by various ISPs. Although Platinum is very simple in maintenance the program itself uses many different server functions and protocols and we must ensure everything is set up correctly.

If your ISP has some security concerns - tell them to contact us before you purchase the script.
Why telnet is mandatory?
First we will need telnet/shell access during installation. Later you will need it to run admin scripts.
What about running Platinum on NT?
Short answer is NO. We do not support NT and not planning to.
Can I use HTML-enabled e-mail postcard notices?
Yes, absolutely. You can put anything to e-mail templates. Even java-scripts. If you manage to do something unique - send us a card and we will surely feature your site in our newsletter.

You must be familiar with MIME specifications.
Can I use Platinum for non-English postcard services?
Of course you can. All output is controlled by HTML and e-mail templates and you can edit those files and translate to any language.

Currently Platinum includes full support for Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Italian (since v. 5.05) and Chinese (since v. 5.10).

You can set up multilingual cardshop as well.
Can I translate e-mail headers to languages other than English?
No, you can't. From: , To: , Reply-To: , Subject: words in mail headers are predefined in SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) and recognized by all e-mail programs. Whether you like it or not, but the Internet is mostly English.

You can translate message texts. However you should be familiar with MIME specifications. Your e-mail header should contain something like:
Content-type: text/plain; charset=US-ASCII
Content-transfer-encoding: 7BIT

If you don't know what MIME is better drop this idea completely.
Can I combine use any picture and sound template with regular one?
Yes. But only if you are very confident with forms and can use java-script for form handling. Otherwise you can't predict what your visitor will click and in which sequence. As a result his image or music choice can lead to broken links.
Can I use Real Audio and Video files?
Yes. Use special placeholder in card templates as described in manual.

Of course you must be familiar with Real Audio format and linking syntax
Is there a way to avoid editing Platinum templates by hand?
Yes, finally there is. Macromedia Dreamweaver 3 allows you to edit Platinum templates without messing up the code and placeholders.

In top menu select Edit > Preferences > HTML Rewriting check "Warn when fixing or removing tags" and uncheck both boxes for "Special Characters"

After that you can load any Platinum HTML template and edit it with Dreamweaver.

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