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Is it free to send and receive cards?
Yes. It is free to send and receive cards from any website that belongs to My Postcards network. You don't need to pay at any stage, you can send as many cards as you want, at any time you need, to anyone in the world who has an e-mail address.
How I can be sure it will be free always?
Trust us - we are not going to bill you for sending and receving cards. We didn't do it even when we started in 1997.

We have other sources of income, including software sales, consulting and advertising.
If cards are free then what pricelists on this site are about?
We sell software and provide commerical services for webmasters determined to eastablish serious Internet presence.

You are not supposed to purchase anything in order to send and receive virtual cards from our network.
How do I send postcards?
To send a card - go to our network directory, select a category or search for cards by entering a keyword (e.g. red roses), then click on site's name. Follow the instructions on that site - it's really easy and enjoyable!
How do I receive a postcard sent to me?
Just follow instructions in notification e-mail announcing you have been sent a card. Click the link in that e-mail and then follow further instructions on page.
Where do I find the number to pick up my card?
In the e-mail "You have a postcard" you received there is a line like this:

Your ticket number is 123680435.

This is the number you need. The easiest way is to cut this number and paste it to the pickup window in appropriate page (URL of that page is given in the same e-mail).

Be sure to read this e-mail and not to delete it before you claim your card. If you delete the mail with ticket number - we won't be able to help you find your card.
I got a message "no card found"? What's up?
Cards are stored for 1-2 weeks since the send date (depending on particular postcard site). You can view cards for unlimited number of times during this period. Afterwards the card will be deleted.
Can you cancel a postcard I had already sent?
No, we can't. Like in traditional postal service - once you sent a letter it cannot be turned back. Please think before sending anything (not only postcards), haste is not best the manner in communication-:)
I want to save a card sent to me. How?
If you want to save the card that had been sent to you - choose menu item File (top left corner of your browser), then Save As and save this file to your hard drive, naming it as mycard.html or something alike. You'll be able to view this card always when you are connected to the Net - images and music file will be loaded automatically.
I am trying to bookmark a card I recieved with no luck. What I am doing wrong?
You can't bookmark a card sent from our network. Even if you will be able to access it from bookmark next day - it won't be available soon (we store cards for limited time only. Better save the card as instructed above.

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