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Help Request Form

Please, tell us what kind of trouble you are experiencing.

If you received a phony postcard pick-up notice, claiming to be from a family member, or other vague source, then that is just an illegal spoof and NOT from us. Just like Ebay and PayPal, we too suffer from forgers. sells postcard SOFTWARE, but does NOT send postcards.
Do not click on anything in a spoof. Just dump it.

The REAL postcards are sent from legitimate card sites that use our software. ( provides the software, but does not compete with clients)

Postcards sent with our software ALWAYS show the name and address of the sender. MyPostcards type postcards never ask you to download any files, especially not a virus filled exe file. MyPostcards style postys are on the web and are viewed like any safe web page.

Those spoofs are nothing new. The only thing new about those spoofs is that the computer of one of your friends has gotten infected, and that a virus sent itself to all the addresses in your friend's address book
You can send the spoof to the Spamcops at They will analyze it and show you where it really came from.

  Learn to Recognize a spoof

Cardmasters of My Postcards Network sites! Use the contact form in your account manager.
Requests submitted from your account manager are given higher priority!

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If you do not see a reply within one hour, then most likely you have blocked our support department. Check your spam folder. If your email requires some verification rigmarole, don't expect an answer. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure you receive standard email.
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2. Describe Your Problem in Details
I was trying to

3. From which postcard page:
NOT a title or nickname, we need the actual URL of the actual postcard page, not the URL of a page that may possibly have a link to a postcard page:

4. Having the following problem:

5. Add your comments

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If you can't pick up a card - cut text from your notification mail and paste here

6. Before proceeding, ask yourself "Have I really read the FAQ?"(click to read).
If you did, submit this form!