is the main entrance for Internet postcards. Mypostcards is the place to start if you are looking for free virtual postcards. *
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    Welcome to,
    the main portal to Internet postcards and postcard software. provides rentable postcard service,
    and also sells postcard software.

    The requirement to know basic HTM to build postcard sites is still valid and has been valid since 1994.
    Having Frontpage and knowing how to drag stuff around on a page, does NOT substitute for basic HTML skills. FrontPage moves pictures quite nicely, but does not move associated form elements correctly. You have to use a free text editor like Notepad or a good HTML editor if you want to change the default templates, that we provide.
    Understanding the PATH to your resources, for example to your pictures, is also part of basic HTML.

    Problem hearing music on cards?
    The cards work just fine, but some browsers have lost the ability to play MIDI music.
    You have to install an Add-On, like QuickTime or Real Player or similar.
    You can download Quicktime at

    or Real Player for Internet Explorer:

    or Real Player for Safari.

    or real Player for Chrome

    Very good instructions are here.

    We do NOT supply pictures!
    If somebody, who uses our software, uses your pictures or poetry or music, contact the owner of that site, not us.
    Try to send a card and look for the user name in the URL, for example
    indicates PRO user "mouse"
    With PRO, EXPERT and PLATINUM users, we can look up the site owner's name, and also tell them about copyright concerns.
    To contact us, write to

    If you had Free Basic postcard service, Sorry! With the current economy, we can no longer afford to donate that service, and after 15 years had to drop the Free Basic Service.

    PRO, Expert and Platinum are available, and converting from Free Basic to any of them is easy.

    ALERT !
    Real postcards do NOT have attachments!       
    If you receive a postcard notice, that asks        
    you to click on an attachment, then it is a fake.  
    Do NOT click on the attachment! Delete it, and  
    delete it from your Recycle Bin.                        

    Notice !
    Firefox IS playing the music on cards!
    If necessary, update FireFox, and the music will play OK. FireFox is actually the preferred browser, because some sites use features, that only work in FireFox. If FireFox shows you a little Lego block instead of playing music, click on that to get the necessary add-on..

    ALERT !

    If you received a phony postcard pick-up notice, claiming to be from a Secret Admirer, family member, or other vague source, then that is just an illegal spoof and NOT from us. Just like Ebay and PayPal, we too suffer from forgers. provides postcard software, but does NOT send postcards.
    There are NO OUTGOING addresses. If you see one, it has been forged by a criminal.

    Real postcards show a message from a friend, NOT an invitation by a stranger to click on a weird link.

    Do not click on anything in a spoof. Just dump it.

    The real postcards are sent from legitimate card sites that use our software. ( provides the software, but does not compete with clients)

    Postcards sent with our software ALWAYS show the name and address of the sender.
    If you don't recognize the sender, be careful.

    MyPostcards type postcards never ask you to download any files, especially not a virus filled exe file.
    MyPostcards style postys are on the web and are viewed like any safe web page.

    Those spoofs are nothing new. The only thing new about these spoofs is that the computer of one of your friends has gotten infected, and that a virus sent itself to all the addresses in your friend's address book.
    You can send the spoof to the Spamcops at They will analyze it and show you where it really came from.

    Some examples:
    Flower Menus at AngelWinks
    Summer at Cards By Mouse
    Action Cat Love Notes
    Summer Cards at AngelEyes
    FlutterInn Summer
    Summer Fun at AngelWinks
    Native American Summer Cards

    Postys are Virus-FREE!
    Read more about virus-protection issues.
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