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My Postcards, My Postcards Network, My Postcards News, My Postcards PRO, My Postcards Platinum, Posty, other services, software and products referenced on our website are registered trademarks of Webby International Webservices Inc (hereafter: Webby Inc).

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Brief history

My Postcards Network™ was started by Exoridor Multimedia Design in July 1997 under the name of Personal Postcards.

In December 1997 Exoridor Multimedia Design was merged as software development department of Webby Inc.

We started it as fun for few friends and now it developed into a popular world-wide delivery system. We help people to deliver joy and greetings, sympathy and love, cheerful winkle and sweet dreams to their own special ones.


Our success wouldn't be possible without some very special people. Their endless pursuit for perfection, bright ideas, kind hearts and helpful hands made us implement the whole My Postcards Network™ the way you see it now.

We owe greatest thanks and admiration to the great cardmasters: