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Horoscope Feed for Postcards

The horoscopes are supplied as an automatic text feed into the "poems" directory in your PRO/EXPERT servsce account and are updated every night.

For example, "ari.txt" has the horoscope for the day for the Arius sign.

Each horoscope's file name is just the first 3 letters of that horoscope sign, a period and txt as the extension.

The full list of file names is: aqu.txt ari.txt can.txt cap.txt gem.txt leo.txt lib.txt pis.txt sag.txt sco.txt tau.txt vir.txt

Requirements for using the horoscopes: Familiarity with the usage of POEMS in postcards.

You can think of the horoscopes as 12 different poems. There are various ways to use them:

  • a) Single composition page; 12 horoscope selections instead of 12 poem selection
  • b) 12 pages in your Horoscope menu; each page with it's horoscope sign and picture and horoscope text (of the day)
  • c) similar to b) but with the horoscope text scrolled by a Java applet.

a) On your normal card composition page instead of a list of poems use a list of horoscopes in the poetry selection box.

b) Make 12 pages, each page with it's horoscope sign and picture. In the poetry box, instead of a pull-down menu or a list of radio buttons, use a hidden field to set the horoscope, just like a pre-selected poem.

EXAMPLE: <input type="hidden" name="poem" value="tau.txt">

c) Because the horoscopes are fairly long and not of precisely consistent length, the formatting of a page can be affected. To avoid that, you can use a Java applet to scroll the horoscope text. There are many suitable Java applet available. We recommend the applets from

In the applet config you set the size of the scrolling area, the background picture behind the text, name of the text file to scroll, the text font and color and size, scrolling speed and direction and various other settings that would not be appropriate for all horoscopes.

Once you have the applet configured the way you want it, you can pull it into the page just like an ordinary poem.