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Products and Services for Virtual Cards

Rented Service:
Card engine on our server

  Owned Service:
Card Engine on YOUR domain
We provide remotely served virtual postcard services. You create your own content and we provide the "card engine" to power your site.   If you want full control over your postcard service we offer dedicated reliable software programs and add-ons with the card engine on your own domain.
You can have your site hosted on any server that allows postcards.   Your site has to be on a UNIX or Linux server.
Basic HTML skills
Your own pictures
A reliable email address. If you only have an AOL address, you may not use our services or buy our software. You will have to first get a reliable address, that does not bounce replies to help requests. We highly recommend a free gmail address.
A site or domain that is:
up and running
has FTP access
  A site or domain that is
up and running
has FTP access
has SSH access

Owned Service Solutions (card engine on your site)
  1. My Postcards Platinum
    A super-fast and extra-flexible web application. You can create and run postcard service on high traffic sites. Your server won't notice holiday traffic peaks! Includes compiled executable C++ programs, templates, add-ons manuals and admin tools.
    Read more about the Platinum

  2. Designed Cardsites Turn-key solution - ready made postcard sites with your artwork. Layout designed exclusively for each client, powered by our software.
    Read more about it

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Remote Services (card engine on our servers, HTML pages on your site)
  1. My Postcards BASIC  Yes, we accept
    ($5 per month)
    Ideal for starting out; great for any free homepages.
    No CGI or programming needed!
    Highly customizable - your images, sounds, your layout or use the included templates.
    Basic HTML skills are required!

    Even if you plan to get a PRO, Expert or Platinum,
    try the BASIC first.
    It is BASIC on purpose, so that you can easily
    get comfortable with the concept,
    without a confusing multitude of options.
    Think of it as an introductory course!
    Read more about BASIC service

  2. My Postcards PRO   Yes, we accept
    ($8 - $12 per month, depending on invoice period)
    For professionals and advanced page designers. No CGI skills and no CGI support on your server needed!
    Advanced features, stats, enhanced support provided. We are proud to host the best cardshops this way!
    Basic HTML skills are required!
    Read more about PRO service

  3. My Postcards EXPERT    Yes, we accept
    $12 - $15 per month, depending on invoice period)
    PRO service enhanced to serve advanced webmaster's need. Extended storage space and card keep period, send to multiple recipient, archive copy and more!
    Basic HTML skills are required!
    Read more about EXPERT service

  4. High-End Web Hosting Yes, we accept When virtual cards bring you more traffic than your present webhost can tolerate without sending you outrageous bills - you need a fast reliable dedicated service. Webby hosts many popular card sites on the Net and offers hosting packages for cardmasters from $2.50 and up.

    If all the options at confuse you, skype DearWebby for instant answers, or write to

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