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Posty Security Issues

Q: Can I catch a virus as a result of using posty (multimedia virtual postards)?
A: No. Never! For detailed answer - read on.

What makes postys immune to viruses? Network does not run on Windows. Never had and never will. Period.

All those common and scary viruses like NovArg, SoBig, ILOVEYOU, Melissa, Chernobyl CIH and others can not affect our UNIX servers. UNIX OS in general and our software in particular are totally immune to those viruses and worms - it's simply not an issue here.

Posty notification mails (plain text) and postcard pages (HTML) are produced on our servers. Those formats (*.txt and *.html) are not subjected to any computer and network viruses.

Our Postys (multimedia virtual postcards) are safer than your coffee-pot! Guaranteed!

How to protect yourself from viruses?

First and foremost you should get yourself the best virus-protection software available. We use McAfee Clinic ourselves and recommend it to all. Get yourself a McAfee Clinic FREE Trial.

You should be extremely cautious about any mail that has attachments.

Unless you are computer literate enough to sort mail, turn off Windows scripting host, set special security zones for email with attachments - better DO NOT OPEN any email attachments, before you get your antivirus software to scan them.

Attachment files themselves are harmless, however they are the CARRIERs of viruses. Just like not every gun is loaded, not all attached files sent to you carry a virus.

Since the early days of the Internet it has been considered a sign of VERY BAD MANNERS to add any attachments to e-mail without soliciting the recipient's permission in advance.

Most Internet professionals still display very negative attitude towards any email attachments. In our company (Webby Inc. - in case you fail to click a copyright sign at the bottom) most e-mail with attachments goes directly to the trash. This attitude saves us from being infected by any viruses even when we are using Windows for offline desktop applications. We seriously recommend you to learn from professionals! Better be safe than sorry!

How to protect yourself from spam?

Here is something important for you from the Dear Webby Tech Support Pits:

With the spam epidemic getting worse by the day we all need a reliable tool to protect ourselves. By far the best is MailWasher. It has become the standard to which professionals compare similar programs.

I have used MailWasher for a few years now and can wholeheartedly recommend it. It is a close second best to throwing all spammers into jail.

Click here for free MailWasher download

Dear Webby