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How Virtual Postcards Boost Traffic

Lots of Internet marketers still don't get it. They are spending months trying to get on top of search engines. Or making fun of yourselves by sending bulk email ads (okay, let's spell this word - spam). Or paying fortunes for showing lousy ads with zero results.

Web tycoons do get it already. Visit any top site and you will definitely see their own virtual postcards (sometimes looking more lame than cardshops of our free service users, so there is still lots of room for competition).

Posty (aka "Multimedia Virtual Postcard", more about "posty" term) is active and exponential. Opposite to passive advertising as in an expensive phone book ad, postys reach out ACTIVELY to new people, who had not even considered your service before.

Newspaper and TV ads are linear and don't reach beyond one recipient. Postys EXPLODE exponentially. Consider what happens to you when YOU receive a beautiful multimedia posty !

Big smile, good mood, and then YOU send off half a dozen or more postys to your friends and clients, right ? And what happens when each of them receives your posty ? The same explosion again, and again and again.

Every time a posty is sent or picked up, a posty site is visited by somebody who is smiling and in a very receptive mood. Whatever is sold or advertised in a side menu is viewed in the most positive and receptive manner possible.

There is NO other medium that gets even close to the exponential expansion and effectiveness of a good posty site. Thousands of our clients are selling virtually everything with the help of postys.

You may think it sounds too good to be true. Is there a catch? Yes, there is - you can get more traffic than you can handle. But we have helped in such cases too.

Nobody knows about the power of posty better than we do (legal stuff about us). We host posty sites since 1995. We produce and sell remotely-hosted and end-user software for posty sites since 1997. Over 50% of all posty sites on the Internet are powered by our software.

Learn more about our clients, about Network, and browse the biggest directory of posty sites. Even if you are sure you don't need a posty site yourself you will definitely find a great free card to send to friends or family.

Learn what we can offer you and discover the power of posty yourself!