fly to mypostcards network home! is the main entrance for all Internet postcards. Mypostcards is the place to start if you are looking for free virtual postcards. There are almost 50,000 postcard sites in the Mypostcards network, nicely sorted and easy to find.
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All About MyPostCards

1. What Is Network Network™ is a unique Internet Network of multimedia virtual postcard (posty) sites.

If you still have not seen a single multimedia virtual postcard - go here, select a site which appeals to you most, have fun and return back to reading this when you get an idea. It's all completely free!

All network sites are unique in content and design, differ in professional level and purpose, run by 8-year old kids and Fortune 500 companies, located anywhere in the world.

They have only two things in common:

  1. they are much more popular than average websites, because
  2. they are using our postcard services and software!

Read more about our customers.

If you want to join this eclectic community go to

Today Network™ has 52617 members.

2. How It Works For Internet User

People go to one of their favorite Network™ sites, select a picture, music, poetry, background, Java applet, stamp, horoscope, anything cardmaster (webmaster who has successfully created one or more postcard sites) had put there for their choice, type in the names and addresses and message, and send the card off.

My Postcards Network™ card engines (read more about them) dynamically generate the card page on high speed servers and show it to the sender for approval. If approved, a pick-up notice is e-mailed to the recipient.

When the recipient is ready to receive the card, our servers again generate that card and present it and all included multimedia enhancements. At the same time a "received and read" message is automatically e-mailed to the card sender.

Huge variety, ease of use and reliability attract users and makes them regulars. See visitors feedback collected from our surveys. Read what they are saying about us.


3. Traffic Through The Network™

We started in July 1997 and in December 1997 we had 1.000.000 unique user sessions.

Now average monthly network traffic is about 5.000.000 unique user sessions. IF that is not a month with some major holiday.

This text was written on St.Valentine day (Feb. 14th 2001) and overall network traffic on that day totaled about 810.000 unique visitors.

Busiest hours are 13:00-15:00 PM and 19:00-23:00 PM (all time EST). Busiest days are Wednesday and Thursday. Busiest card holidays (in descending order): Valentine Day, Mother Day, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving.