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Advertising Info

1. Why Advertise On MyPostcards Network?

Year by year we have been creating a truly personal atmosphere within our network (read more about it). Most card senders and recipients truly appreciate the free status of the service and usually are very grateful to the people who provide this service or help to keep it free.

The developers of this service and the cardmasters of most network sites receive numerous appreciative e-mails every day.

The sponsorship of the free virtual postcard services within the MyPostcards Network will not only boost the public image of your company and increase positive awareness of your services or products, you will also receive sincere and encouraging feedback like we do (read quotes from surveys).

Long-term advertising across the MyPostcards Network consistently brings excellent ROI (return of investment) both for branding and result-oriented campaigns (for past and present advertisers like: Good Orient Company, Fresh Flower Source, ABed, Zing, Infonautics Network )

2. How To Advertise?

We can work with advertisers on per impression, lead, click and in special cases on per sale basis using trusted third-party auditing services or in-house tracking solutions. Minimal contract amount - $500/month.

Contact us directly with inquiries about sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

Important! Every 5th visitor of our network is a webmaster.

Please be aware that not all products or services can be advertised effectively on our network. Have a look at our visitors demographics to get the better idea of typical virtual card user.

The ads that performed best on MyPostcards Network in 1999:

  • Gambling (up to 11% CTR)
  • Jewelry (8% CTR)
  • Job search (7% CTR)
  • Stocks, investing, trading (consistent 6% CTR)
  • Exotic gifts (4% CTR)
  • Furniture (4% CTR)
  • Online services (3% CTR)
  • Software (3.5% CTR)
  • Travels (3% CTR)
  • Flowers (2.2% CTR)
  • Traditional gifts (1.8% CTR)

3. Where Are The Ads Located?

  • On the main network site - you see it now on that very page
  • On card composition pages like this one
  • On dynamically generated postcard pages. There are 4 types of them.
    1. Sent postcard confirmation page (see an example)
    2. Received postcard page (see an example)
    3. Previewed postcard page (see an example)
    4. Pages with error messages (see an example)
  • In My Postcards News - a popular weekly email newsletter (78469 subscribers). Text ads there are typically very effective because of 1-2 weeks turnaround (sometimes it's being read later, more than once, forwarded to other people, etc.).

We can embed any types of ad material into those pages - banners of any size, interstitial, order forms, buttons, plain text links, etc.

Many network sites use Java applets on postcards - we can target Java-enabled banners for visitors who choose Java applets (type 1-3) (see an example of a Java-enabled card).

NOTICE: cards often are stored for future viewing (together with ads). Sometimes it brings visitors long after the ad campaign it finished (no we cannot bill you for that-:)

4. Special Circumstances

The MyPostcards Network operates from multiple domains. Advertising is available across the whole network (today: 52617 sites) or from select sites (for example:,,, and many many more)

We do not accept any ads with adult only or pornographic content, dealing with illnesses, diseases or death (general health improvement theme is okay).

This is VERY high traffic network. If you do not need many hundreds or thousands new visitors a day - then please don't bother to ask for a quote here!