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Visitors Quotes

Staff wants to thank you ALL for such encouraging and inspiring feedback!

I think that virtual postcards with animation and music are the greatest thing since sliced bread!!! What a terrific way to communicate via e-mail with friends and business associates. The fact that this service is free is an added bonus. The hosts of these virtual sites should be congratulated and thanked for all that they do to make communication so simple and special. Thank you! (Own Business, Canada)

I love Personal Postcards! This is the broadest selection and the most beautiful music files! Congratulations and thank you for an expert service. PS please keep it free! (I promise to visit any advertisers!) (Webmaster, USA)

I love Personal Postcards! This is such a great service. I hope you are going to keep it free. I assume it is paid for via the block ads we see on the different pages. (Purchasing Manager, USA)

This is a terrific site!! I realize you may not be able to continue to do this for free - If a secure way to conduct a payment over the net ever emerges, I would certainly choose this site! I have called site listed 800 numbers for purchases but I have never given credit card information over the net! If you do have to charge - maybe an annual membership or different memberhips? - watch some of the other sites - very few are this good payment required or not! Thanks again! (Grant Writer, USA)

It's fun and thanks to you all for keeping it free. It's free so very often I send cards so my friends and all love it and in this way I am close to them , they remember me always and I too. Thanks May God bless you and you always get success in you cards service. (Engineer, USA)

I've always wondered how you guys can offer this for free????? Thanks and keep up the great work!!!! (Manager, Philiipines)

It makes others really happy to receive them. It saves time and I can do it in the privacy of my own home and most time I have the opportunity to design and choose what ever I want to see on the card. It's truly a gift from the heart. (AT&T, USA)

It's truly a needed service that I will use, time and again... as long as it remains free. But even for a nominal charge, I will continue to use it. (US Navy, USA)

I can't believe that creative people would go to all the trouble to create such fun and interesting web sites for non-creative people like me to use FREE! Your web site is great, especially for sending messages to kids. Thanks VERY much! (Secretary, Canada)

You never can find anything like this in any store. And I don't have to buy stamps!!! (Caregiver, USA)

It's fast and easy to use! I love the fact that you guys have postcards for almost everything imaginable. I love the poems and midis. (Student, USA)

Sometimes I send one to myself just to cheer me up! The cards, in fact, cheer many people! (Student, Hong Kong)

I have really enjoyed using Personal Postcards for my holiday cards. The U.S. Postal Service can't guarantee delivery like this! And they don't play music, either! (Teacher, USA)

I love Personal Postcards! They're more reliable than the USPS! :) (Administrative, USA)

This is the first time I've used your service. I received a card from an email friend. Liked it. Now I think I am hooked, too. Bless you. (RETIRED MILITARY, USA)

I find being able to send personal postcards to my many friends and family members that are scattered far across the world so important. It is instant and far more reliable than the mail service. (School Registrator, Australia)