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We believe that in a few years multimedia postcards will become an obligatory part of any website like feedback forms are now.

We published this LONG BEFORE had added e-cards to their site!

We provide remotely hosted postcard services to thousands of websites with original content both on free and commercial basis. We sell and support end-user multimedia postcard software, which currently runs on hundreds of domains.

It has proven itself to be a reliable tool for building loyal userbase and traffic for such different categories of clients as home-based web-designers and world-famous corporations like FOX, SONY and Novell.

We are proud to state that in three years of our operations we defeated the popular notion of virtual postcards being the high-tech hobby of bored housewives.

1. Drawing Traffic & Repeat Visitors Stream now is one of largest and most popular romantic destinations on the web and that's how they started:

"For it's debut we sent out a very small mailing to friends and family (80 e-mails), announcing the opening of the new site and we signed up to a postcard service. From those two actions, within the first day, we were already getting 300 page views a day, virtually all from word of mouth!"

Postcard is the modern high-tech "word of mouth"

2. Direct Promotion Of Products & Services

Printed Cards
Pulp Cards // Ira's Peripheral Visions
Thomas Kinkade // The StoneCarver
Jim's Flowers // Hawaiian Flowers // Wesley Berry Flowers
AdZe MiXxe // Lucknet
Gift Shops
India With Love
Entertainment Parks
Movie/Video producers
Anastasia // X-Files: Fight The Future
Travel Services
Pet Supplies
Jack Russels Online
Internet Service Providers
Bicycle Factory

Sell more and sell efficiently with virtual postcards

3. Developing & Keeping Up Community Feeling

Entertainment Destinations Featuring new and classic interactive, multiplayer games and activities.
Religious Organizations In Spanish. Postcards can be accessed from "Tarjetas Postales" link.
Regional Services In Spanish. Very popular virtual postcard service.
Professional Publications Banking information for the next millennium.
Fan Forums Devoted to Duran-Duran group

Say "I am a member of .." by sending "a community postcard"

4. Setting Up a Specialized Postcard Site

Create real profits with virtual postcards!

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