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Important News and Alerts

Aug 28 2003 PRO service account manager enhancement
By popular demand we've put together a new file manager for your poems and applets. It's similar to pictures and midis filemanager. Finally you can clean up your old poems and applets!
Aug 20 2001 Major enhancement in FREE service
Now you can have an unlimited number of card composition pages in the FREE BASIC version. Enjoy!
Mar 01 2001 Fully customizable cards layout in PRO service
Now you have full control (well, almost - stock header remains) over the html code of cards layout and sent page.
Feb 24 2001 If your site is on Geocities
Like many other free homepage providers Geocities had recently implemented anti-linking policy, which results in inability to see pictures on postcards. We cannot do anything about this.
For PRO users: now you can use 5 MB of storage space on our servers for your pictures and midis!
For FREE users: you have to move your pictures to another web hosting service. Check the terms and conditions of your new web host carefully!
July 30 2000 New Update to PRO Service
By popular demand we started to add Power User Tools for advanced users. Now you can edit (or translate) the texts of notification emails any way you like.
May 05 2000 ILOVEYOU email virus info
Malicious email worms ILOVEYOU and MOTHERDAYGIFT had hit the computers all around the world. They DID NOT HIT posty (multimedia virtual postcards). You cannot get infected as a result of sending or receiving a posty. Our servers cannot be affected by ILOVEYOU or similar viruses, because we use UNIX OS. Period.
To safeguard yourself from this (and all other) viruses get the best virus-protection software available: McAfee Clinic.
Read more about ILOVEYOU email virus.
Apr 03 2000 Major update to PRO service!
For new users the EasyPosty Start Page is introduced. It allows to set-up the first functional posty page in a snap (HTML skills are not required).
Composition pages can be generated with 2 different layouts, different number of pictures, with optional java-script preview.
Cards pages can be customized in 4 different layouts with custom fonts and colors.
By popular demand optional "no-right click" function is added.
14 ready-made design themes are added for people who want to have cardshop up quickly witout being the design wizards themselves.
Feb 16 2000 Congrats to 25.000th network member!
25.000th site joined network! A year of MyPostCards PRO service and a year of dedicated hosting service and a special gift from our sponsor - all goes to... Debi Iacovelli GoldenGirl Custom Doll Post Cards Congrats!
Dec 10 1999 New features in PRO service
More card composition features added. Greater control over generated card layout.
Sept 6 1999 New features in PRO service
Send later option is added to PRO service. Card storage period is extended to 3 weeks. Now PRO users can select time interval for card element stats (yesterday, week, month or year). Top 10 elements added as well.
Aug 22 1999 New features in FREE service
FREE service users now can use many more composition features, including headings, signatures, font and background colors, pickup email shortcuts, generate HTML tempaltes in different styles. We also added card counters.