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My Postcards Platinum

© 1995 - 2010

Current version 8 was released in May 20 2009
Version 8 has all files in the /platinum directory and is DreamWeaver friendly.

See all features of Platinum. Part of Demo Cardshop is available! More coming soon. Upgrade policy will be posted soon.

Or visit the sites using platinum: AngelEyes, A Free Greeting Card and AngelWinks

1. What is it?

My Postcards Platinum © is a ready-to-use Web Application. It includes executable precompiled C++ programs, shell scripts, HTML and text templates, manuals and admin tools (e-mail address extraction, elements frequency stats, usage stats, old cards cleanup etc.) read more or learn about new features in version 7

2. Who uses it?

Our customers include

3. How can I try it?

You can try-before-you-buy by joining our PRO service (view Pro sites) - and you can use all (well, almost, Platinum is more powerful or course) the same features with a remotely hosted version of our product.

For the PRO service customers we run the card engine on our servers. If you like it - you can purchase the full Platinum version! Go to the PRO Service signup area.

4. Pricing & tech details

All our programs are virus safe.

The license to use the My Postcards Platinum © Web Application is sold on a per domain basis.

One domain license cost: version 7 - US$ 995 (check available add-ons). License allows the software to work on one domain only.

Price includes MANDATORY installation (read why) of the software package on your domain and server by our experienced staff programmers and is not refundable.

We sell ONLY Linux and UNIX versions. Currently supported platforms - SunOS/Solaris, Linux, BSD, AIX, IRIX.

In order to use the My Postcards Platinum Web Application you must have cgi support on your server with permissions to run executable scripts and cron jobs, and you MUST have shell/telnet access.

The PLATINUM is customized for each client and not suitable for distributing, repackaging, or reselling (we have special BIG discounts for resellers, but you have to have purchased at least one PLATINUM before and have it up and running before you become eligible for reseller status).

You have to provide your own pictures and should be comfortable with a good graphics program like Paint Shop Pro

All licenses are to be prepaid. We do not sell source codes.

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Please contact us before ordering if you still have questions - click here for contact options.

New! Platinum ENTERPRISE - $7,999.00
enhanced version for larger businesses and professional marketing companies. Click to learn more.

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