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Platinum Versions History

Before... Oct 12 1997

Our first commercial postcard script Personal Postcards Gold was released. It was a simple yet reliable and flexible Perl script and is still running on hundreds low traffic card sites.

However very quickly we encountered the limitations of Perl and it's unsuitability for handling high traffic. We have used the same concepts and ported them to C. That's how the first Platinum was born.

Version 1. Dec 18 1997

In fact a pre-release. All customers with this version had upgraded long ago.

Version 2. Feb 10 1998

Additions: Customizable e-mail notification templates. Special workaround for sound formats.

Version is still used on few sites - webmasters, contact us for FREE upgrade to ver. 3!!!

Version 3. Apr 28 1998

Additions: All output controlled with HTML templates. No more headers/footers or included files. Cardshop appearance is REALLY fully customizable. Signatures, font and background color choice added.

Version 4. Feb 1 1999

Additions: delayed delivery ("send cards later"), backgrounds choice, second picture choice ("stamp option"), detailed elements stats (daily, weekly, monthly), more control over layout and email delivery.

Version 5. Oct 15 1999

New release includes lots of new features - multisend, picture upload, additional input fields, more admin tools, ability to create a card in "step by step" mode, forward received card, print snd save cards easily and much much more... See what's new in Platinum 5 Or have a look at Demo Cardshop for this version.

Version 6. Oct 12 2001

New release includes member features, addressbook and reminder services, integrated e-commerce solutions, enhanced admin functions and much much more... See what's new in Platinum 5