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What is My Postcards Platinum?

My Postcards Platinum © is a ready-to-use Web Application. It includes executable precompiled C++ programs, shell scripts, HTML templates, manuals and admin tools (e-mail address extraction, elements frequency stats, usage stats, old cards cleanup).

This is a truly unique product - there is nothing like it on the market. You can embed any multimedia components into cards. So far our PRO and PLATINUM clients use java applets, shockwave flashes and real audio. Midi files are supported in all versions, even the basic Free service.

This is VERY fast web application. See what our users wrote (from our 1st Christmas survey)

"This service is so fast as well. I can send a card faster than my AOL browser loads."
"Unbelievable! Your card site is so fast. When I use the back button the page is like turning the page in a book, it's that fast. Any other pages I have viewed on the web always seem to reload. GREAT is all I can say. What's the trick?"

You don't have to worry about overloading your server even if your traffic is very high (30+ Gb daily transfers are no problem).

Our software is very light on disk space which is always a concern with popular postcard services (average 0.5 Kb per card).

No need to take our word for this - have look at our customer sites in the My Postcards network directory (view Platinum sites), contact webmasters and solicit their opinion.

Features added in Platinum 7

Enhanged card composition features. Color picker.
Ability to save favorite cards and send them later.
Extended member tools.

Features added in Platinum 6

Member features for your visitors
Easy registration and personal info changes. Addressbook and reminder service with intuitive interface. Sender's name and email can be stored for all future card sendings. Now it is possible to reply to received card without entering sender's details again.
e-commerce solutions
The ability to integrate cards with many affiliate programs is added. Your visitors are returned to card sending after finishing the transaction on the affiliate site.
Even more card composition features
You didn't think it's possible to have more? Well, it is! Picture captions and blurbs, as well and song lyrics are added. A new placeholder for font face is added.
More flexibility for webmasters
By popular demand we have enabled the SSI include directive to be supported in all templates. Picture upload file size became a configurable parameter. A separate mail template for "archive" copy card is now standard.
Enhanced admin functions
A new web-based admin is added - all config files can be edited from the web. Flexible elements logs are implemented with the ability to track any number of parameters in stats. More statistics and toplistings.

Features added in Platinum 5

Built-in multisend:
Send a posty to up to 25 recipients
Built-in file upload:
Allows visitors to upload pictures (or any other files) from their hard drives to send on cards
Up to 10 NEW and additional custom input fields:
Can be used for anything - your fantasy is the limit
Step by step card composition and viewing mode:
Allows you to create slide-show type presentations
Cards can be:
  1. Forwarded: "Look, Mary, what Johny had sent me!"
  2. Printed: you can create the separate layout for a printer-friendly version of the card
  3. Saved: The ultimate answer to those numerous "how do I save the card?" questions
"ICQ cards":
You can add "send this as card" to any usual HTML page, can be used for referral forms too
More bells and whistles:
Optional pickup notice, send a copy of the posty to yourself, etc.
More stats features:
You have the full picture of which of your cards are performing best and what your visitors are doing
Much anticipated admin feature:
You can lookup card sources and details without having to learn telnet (although this knowledge will not hurt any webmaster!)
Longer send-ahead and card storage periods:
Even the high-volume cardshops can store old cards for 6 months - if disk space allows and sysadmin can mount new filesystems
Increased speed:
Yeah, you've got it right, it is faster than before - we didn't think it's possible either!