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My Postcards Platinum ENTERPRISE

1.000 personalized invitations or 100.000 holiday greetings - ENTERPRISE delivers all!

Platinum ENTERPRISE is an enhanced version of My Postcards Platinum © web application for larger businesses and professional marketing companies. It includes all functionality of My Postcards Platinum version 5 software plus special tools for scheduled delivery of personalized cards to thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of recipients.

1. What is it?

We created this software literally by popular demand. The tool that allows to schedule distributions of huge amounts of personalized virtual cards was requested by large companies to keep in touch with their staff, by online and offline retailers to keep in touch with their customers. Webmasters of large and successful card sites have been getting requests for this feature from businesses, communities and even individuals.

Whether you need to deliver 1.000 personalized invitations to a local community event or 100.000 holiday greetings to customers - this is the task for Platinum ENTERPRISE. It allows you to schedule multiple distributions using separate address lists and delivers separate stats for each distribution. Unlike bulk mail or snail mail distribution it also delivers accurate stats - you know whether your message was VIEWED and how many times, not just how many were sent.

2. How it works?

Platinum ENTERPRISE is very easy to use. You compose a card using your own cardshop, upload the distribution list with the BUILT IN UPLOADER, schedule a distribution date and that's all. The distribution list may contain emails only or emails and names of recipients (which makes postys truly personalized).

The cards delivered by Platinum ENTERPRISE can be picked up from your usual cardshop and do not require any changes in pickup code. The time to store such postys is set up separately and can be much longer than for your regular ones.

The maximum amount of postys in one distribution and the speed of distribution completion depends on your server hardware and OS. We do not recommend to run Platinum ENTERPRISE on multi-client hosting servers (with the only exception outlined below). You absolutely need a strong dedicated server to run this program.

Our clients hosted on multi-users Webby servers may use Platinum ENTERPRISE to deliver up to 25.000 cards a day. We can provide the appropriate load balancing conditions for that. Well configured dedicated server could allow to send from 25.000 to 250.000 cards a day (again - that depends on particular server configuration). Platinum ENTERPRISE allows to send even larger amounts of cards daily, however it will require special configurations or clustering.

3. How to purchase it?

Platinum ENTERPRISE distributions require your own functioning cardshop - that is why we are selling it ONLY to qualified resellers.

You have to purchase a basic Platinum license and have a cardshop up and running BEFORE ordering Platinum ENTERPRISE.

Qualified resellers could either order Platinum ENTERPRISE as an upgrade for their existing PLATINUM 5 domain license or order a new Enterprise license for another domain.

New license cost of Platinum ENTERPRISE is US$ 2996 (UNIX, BSD, IRIX) or US$ 3196 (LINUX).

The cost of Platinum 5 to Platinum ENTERPRISE upgrade is US$ 2421.

Please contact us before ordering if you still have questions - click here for contact options.