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License Agreement and Copyright Information

Webby Inc. guarantees that the software performs as advertised when it is used as agreed to by the purchaser of the software license.

The My Postcards Platinum Program and associated files and documentation ("Software Package") are being licensed and are provided to you, the User, on an "AS IS" basis. The User agrees not to modify C and/or C++ executable components of the software. (HTML templates, instructions, shell scripts and user configuration files may be edited at any time.)

Webby Inc will not assume any responsibility whatsoever for any abuse or any use other than the ones stated as intended by the purchaser of the software license. Webby Inc will neither assume any responsibility for whatever card content the purchaser chooses to use, nor for whatever messages their card users send nor for the card users choice of card recipients. We will not assume any responsibility for your card users spelling either.

The software has been thoroughly tested and performs as advertised. Since there is no refund for used software, the purchasers agree that it is their responsibility to ensure that they choose the software or service package that is best suited for their needs and conditions such as webhosting and operating system. The purchaser agrees that Webby, Inc is not responsible for making the software work on any server that the purchaser may move to in the future.

Webby Inc retains all intellectual property rights to the software itself and to any derivatives and extensions that may be constructed upon it. Licensed software is licensed to a licensee for use within clearly defined domains and/or timeframes and may not be sold or allowed to be copied for usage outside of the negotiated parameters.

My Postcards Platinum Web Application is copyright © 1997,1998, 1999 by Webby Inc

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