My Postcards Platinum Web Application (version 5)

Owner's Manual: If you are starting to build your first cardshop...

  1. How do the postys (electronic virtual cards) work?
  2. How to start building the cardshop?
  3. Further customization

Most customers who purchased the Platinum web application have built their cardshops already using our remotely hosted services like the FREE BASIC or the PRO or third party software. They already have an idea how a cardshop is planned, designed and maintained.

This chapter is intended for those customers who have never built any cardshops before purchasing Platinum.

Let start with short but necessary overview:

  1. How do the postys (electronic virtual cards) work?

  2. How to start building the cardshop?

    Start with a very simple cardshop - this is an advice we have been offering to our clients for many years. All those who listened to this advice have built very successful sites quickly and enjoyed the process. The others... well, we can only hope you are not one of them.

    First you should select a few pictures (8-12 for a start will be enough). Create two versions of each picture - a high-resolution bigger picture that will be shown on the actual card and a small thumbnail that will be used for pages with picture selection. The Platinum program does not require pictures to be of any special size, just use common sense and stick to your design preferences.

    Upload these pictures to the "/platinum/images" directory. Copy the "/platinum/card1.shtml" to a file, save it as "new.shtml", replace all references to default images with your own image names. ( for example, change "image1.gif" to "sunrise.gif" ) Edit the layout of this page as you like, just make sure you do not rename or translate form element names. Upload "new.shtml" to "/platinum" directory and test your card.

    On all pages generated by the program you will see the comments explaining which template controls page output. Edit each template carefully. This way you will have your own design implemented very fast and can test your cardshop completely. Do NOT use the origianl templates. Copy them to new names and keep the originals unchanged for look-up.

  3. Further customization

    Read the rest of this manual before adding more complicated features to your cardshop.

    The Program Variables section will give you an overview about the input processed by the program. You can see which card composition elements you can use and the default or allowed values for these.

    The Customization section addresses all possible aspects of cardshop customization. You need to study this section on design stage.

    The Setup could be useful if you want to change some configurable runtime parameters and add more custom configuration to your cardshop. Most probably you will not need this until your cardshop expands more.

    The Administration section addresses maintenance issues and stats. You don't need this until your cardshop is open for visitors and accumulates stats.

    If something goes wrong be sure to check the Troubleshooting section. There we have collected our customers questions over many years. Most likely you will find an answer to your questions there.

    And finally if nothing helps - check Contact and Support Info. Our staff is ready to help you.

    Good luck with your new cardshop! You are entering a new wonderful corner of the Net which can bring you lots of visitors, customers and fun!

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