My Postcards Platinum Web Application (version 5)

Owner's Manual: Preparing files for POD rotator

POD (posty of the day) rotator allows you to prepare postcard images in advance and rotate them automatically on daily basis.

Once you have ordered POD rotator in Webby Insider Store - follow these steps:

  1. You have to decide whether you will use *.gif or *.jpg format for your big and small images.

    Either is fine but you have to use only ONE format for all your big images (e.g. *.jpg) and only ONE format for all your small images (e.g. *.gif)

  2. Prepare 31 big and 31 small images, name them like this: image12b.jpg and image12s.gif, where 12 is the number of this image in presentation queue, "b" denotes big image and "s" denotes small image (thumbnail) (that is in assumption you decided to use *.jpg for big images and *.gif for small ones)

  3. Create a "/pod" directory in your webserver root (typically /www or /htdocs) and upload those 62 images there.

  4. Create a separate card composition page (you can use "view.shtml" as a template), name it for example "pod.shtml".

  5. Find this line of code (or similar)

    <form action="/platinum/magiccard.cgi" 
    method="post" name="compose">

    and add below

    <input name=filename type="hidden" 
    virtual="/pod/" -->b.jpg">

    (Of course "" should be replaced with YOUR ACTUAL domain name.)

    For actual card image reference to show on that page for preview purposes write:

    <img src="/pod.jpg" more tags like width here>
  6. Upload "pod.shtml" to your webserver root (typically /www or /htdocs) Please be warned that until the POD rotator is activated you will see the SSI error message when attempting to access the page.

When steps 1-6 are done - please write to and ask him to activate your POD rotator.

Once the rotator is activated you won't need to touch anything in your POD directory or in pod.shtml code.

The HTML code for a clickable link for a POD that can be used on other sites:

<a href="">
<img src="" 
alt="whatever you want to appear here" width=100 height=100>

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