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How to Pay for PRO and EXPERT Service

Please, notice that you are subscribing to PRO or EXPERT, not for the FREE service. Cost of PRO service is US$ 12 per month, and cost of EXPERT service is US$ 14 per month payable quarterly. However, we do offer discounts for longer term payments.

Ready to purchase? Read on

When we receive your first paymentwe will

  1. send you the instructions that you need to start working on your card site
  2. begin consultation and discussion with you regarding the layout of your postcard site
  3. assist you with testing the complex interactive postcard programs
  4. activate the public service of your posty site when you are ready

Subsequent payments are due every 3 months. We will send you an invoice in advance to give you time to send the next payment in whatever method is easiest for you.

Your renewal is due 3 months from the date that we install and activate your software, not from the date that you finish your design.

Currently we accept PAY PAL and credit cards, plus of course mone orders and checks.

If you pay by check, please remember, your check will not count until it has cleared the bank. To save time, use PayPal. You can use credit cards trhough PayPal without signing up.

Make cheques and money orders payable to Webby, Inc.

Mailing address for cheques and money orders:

Webby, Inc
Box 646
Black Diamond, AB T0L 0H0

If you have questions about billing options contact:

  Dear Webby
  tel 403 933 7890
  fax 403 933 7909 

Now you are ready to proceed to orderform. You will be taken to the appropriate department of Webby Insider Store (store is secured by Starfield certificate). There you can select the version you want to purchase and optional plugins.

Of course, if you have any other questions or comments, feel free to send them to - we're always happy to answer all queries and interested in discussing any suggestions.

Prices and Discounts
Effective since March 29th 2004

Minimum service period is a quarter year (three months), if you pay for longer periods, then you get these discounts:

PRO Service
  • 3 months - US$ 36
  • 6 months - US$ 66 - you save $6
  • 12 months - US$ 96 - you save   $48 !!! 
Length of Service
User Name / Password

EXPERT Service
  • 3 months - US$ 45
  • 6 months - US$ 80 - you save $10
  • 12 months - US$ 150 - you save   $30 !!! 
Length of Service
User Name / Password