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My Postcards PRO (Advanced) Service

As with any free service, the basic MyPostCards Free site has its limits. It certainly allows you to have a post card service, but it has only one page, with limited opportunity for expansion.

The MyPostCards PRO Service has many extra features and gives you much more freedom to be creative. We still take care of the invisible posty engine under the hood and you can concentrate on the visible aspects of your postcard site. You have control, you use YOUR content and YOUR design.


  1. basic HTML skills
  2. a few pictures
  3. your own web site to put your posty page on
  4. a reliable email address (NOT an AOL address!!!) *

Pro Service is only US$ 12 per month.
Discounts if you pay for more than a quarter

MyPostCards PRO Service has everything the Free Service has. Plus in addition it has these features:

  1. Advanced online account manager. Change your settings and generate HTML templates instantly!
  2. Unlimited number of posty composition pages. A separate pick-up page.
  3. Higher level of card appearance customization. More composition features: poems, you can use java applets, background images, etc.
  4. Customizable card appearance. Select from several styles and design your cards the way you want it!
  5. Fully customizable email notification notices. You can even translate texts languages other than English.
  6. New Fully customizable card appearance. You can even translate texts languages other than English.
  7. Scheduled posty delivery (deliver up to 2 weeks later)
  8. Enhanced listing in Network Directory
  9. Full stats: # of cards sent, previewed, picked up, detailed image frequency stats and other features on count. Top 10 visitors picks (daily, weekly, monthly)
  10. No advertising banners! (Except for the banners that YOU may want to use) Only stock text-only references to to provide a link to our Tech Support for your posty page visitors. If that is an issue for you - order EXPERT version with no links to our site
  11. Free consultations on cardshop design and maintenance.
  12. Resellers discounts for your design customers available!
  13. New 5 MB of storage space for your pictures and midis.

Have a look at the functional PRO sites to get an idea of what are you going to purchase.

If you're interested, continue the application by reviewing the Service Terms and Conditions. You'll be taken through the pages containing instructions, conditions of use, and finally an order form - we hope to hear from you soon.

You have to provide your own pictures and should be comfortable with a good graphics program like Paint Shop Pro

Prices and Discounts
Effective since September 12th 1999

Minimum service period is a quarter year (three months), if you pay for longer period you get these discounts:

  • 3 months - US$ 36
  • 6 months - US$ 66 - you save $6
  • 9 months - US$ 82 - you save $26
  • 12 months - US$ 96 - you save $48  !!! 
* AOL bounces replies to your help requests and test cards that you send to yourself. Just get a reliable address, like for example a free gmail address, and use that for imortant mail. You don't have to give up your AOL address to do that, just don't use it, when reliability is required.